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iSAT Africa Ltd. FZC stands as a prominent Integrated Communications Services Provider across Africa and the Middle East. Our core focus lies in delivering top-tier, secure, and dependable content dissemination through our advanced infrastructure, Data Center, and Teleport Services. Our pricing remains competitive, offering flexibility while upholding the highest standards.

Experience excellence powered by cutting-edge technology and impeccable service in the realms of teleport, video streaming, and FM services. Our extensive Teleport solutions cover the spectrum, encompassing video and audio Uplink, Downlink, Turn-around, and Playout services across Africa. We boast C-Band and Ku-Band capabilities that ensure extensive coverage for TV channels and FM broadcasting in the region.

Our solutions are tailored to your unique requirements, supported by our round-the-clock skilled professionals. Owning one of Africa’s largest Teleports, iSAT Africa possesses the resources needed to provide efficient Teleport services to our esteemed clients. Committed to advancing connectivity, we’ve partnered with OneWeb, a Low Earth Satellite (LEO) service provider. 

Through this collaboration, we bring high-speed, low-latency data connectivity for critical applications, spanning Cellular Backhaul, Enterprise services, Rural connectivity, and Media services across Africa and beyond. Opt for iSAT Africa’s unparalleled Teleport services and relish uninterrupted communication across the continent.

Global IP Connectivity

Experience the synergy of a unified IP backbone effortlessly linking diverse Points of Presence (POPs) across Africa and Europe to the global expanse. A seamless IP network interlaces the continents, ensuring harmonious connectivity.

Data Centers And Handoff

Each POP stands as a thread within the fabric of major Data centers, extending Handoff Points across Africa, London, Europe, Fujairah, India, and Singapore. These intersections create gateways to enhanced connectivity.

Teleport Excellence

Encompassing Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the far reaches of the East, our teleports stand interwoven into the Global IP and data center network. Through a symphony of fiber and satellite mediums, these teleports offer unparalleled IP services, embracing a realm where seamless connectivity thrives.

Within the realm of satellite business, a distinctive edge is found in the possession of Global Hubs strategically positioned in locales where access to Tier 1 providers flows effortlessly. This confers not only a pledge of unwavering availability and seamless connectivity but also establishes a foundation for a competitive advantage.

This orchestration empowers entities to foster steadfast connections, simultaneously driving down operational expenditures and expanding vistas of business prospects for their clientele. At the helm of this prowess stands iSAT Africa, whose expansive state-of-the-art Teleport network spans key points such as England, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, DRC, South Africa, Singapore, and South Sudan.

In harnessing this robust infrastructure, iSAT Africa emerges as a beacon of excellence, poised to deliver exceptionally efficient and reliable satellite connectivity, transcending boundaries to reach customers’ sites across the African landscape.

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