Solar Charging Station

iSAT Africa’s solar charging stations for public places are specifically designed to cater to high-traffic areas such as airports, bus stops, and train stations. These stations feature multiple USB charging ports and are equipped with robust solar panel systems and battery storage. They provide a reliable and convenient charging solution for commuters and travelers, ensuring that they can stay connected during their journeys.

High-Efficiency Solar Panel

The charging station is equipped with a 100W mono-style solar panel, ensuring efficient conversion of solar energy into electrical power.

Long-Lasting Lithium Battery

The station features a 12V 30Ah lithium battery, providing a reliable and durable power source for charging mobile phones and operating the LED lighting at night.

Multiple USB Charging Ports

With a total of seven USB charging ports, the station can accommodate the charging needs of multiple users. Five ports are dedicated to mobile phone charging, while two ports are specifically allocated for LED lighting during nighttime.

Durable Sheet Metal Cabinet

The charging station is housed in a sheet metal cabinet, with dimensions of 650x650x300mm. This robust structure ensures durability and protection against outdoor elements.

Metal Tube Support

The station’s solar panel is supported by an 80x80x2300mm metal tube, which serves as a center pole. The tube is securely fixed to the ground using screws, providing stability and longevity.

Powder Coating Finish

The metal structure of the charging station is coated with a protective powder coating, offering resistance against environmental factors and enhancing durability for outdoor applications.

Secure and Convenient Design

The charging station features a locking door on one side, providing access for battery and controller maintenance. On the other side, there is storage space for phone charging, with keys kept by the administration for secure management. This design ensures convenience and security for both users and administrators.

Suitable for Large Premises

The charging station is specifically designed for large premises, such as colleagues, campuses, and hostels. Its capacity to serve multiple users simultaneously makes it ideal for environments with a high demand for charging services.

Collapsible Structure

The charging station has a collapsible structure, allowing for efficient packing and storage. With a packing volume of 0.24 cubic meters per set, it can be easily transported and deployed as needed.

Packing and Quantity

The charging stations can be packed efficiently, with 110 sets fitting in a 20-foot GP container, optimizing transportation logistics.
The Solar Charging Station for Large Premises provides a reliable and efficient charging solution for organizations, campuses, and hostels. Its high-efficiency solar panel, multiple USB charging ports, durable sheet metal cabinet, and secure design make it suitable for high-demand environments. The collapsible structure and efficient packing volume ensure easy transportation and deployment. With its comprehensive features, this charging station promotes accessibility to renewable energy and meets the charging needs of large premises.

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