Customer Premises Equipment

Ultra-Fast, Stellar Connectivity

Intellian OW70L

Fixed - Dual Parabolic user terminal - Available

Product Description

Designed for high throughput performance and efficiency, the Intellian OW70L user terminal provides primary or backup connectivity solutions for the most remotely-located requirements, allowing them to operate effectively, communicate and serve customers. The UT can operate down to -40°C, making this solution ideal for extremely cold environments.


Target Users

Technical Specifications

* Max theoretical speed supported by the system assuming clear sky

Kymeta Hawk u8

Flat-panel user terminal - Available March 2023*

Product Description

The Kymeta Hawk u8 user terminal (UT) is a lightweight system that combines a full-duplex flat panel Ku-band antenna, a OneWeb modem, and an optional Wi-Fi / cellular SD-WAN module. The integrated UT is easy to install in one of two configurations: a fixed installation via a pole mount accessory or a GO configuration via a transportable case accessory. An optional de-icing accessory is available for both the fixed and GO configurations, enabling operation in very cold temperatures and in snow conditions. Just add power and connect to the OneWeb network.


Target Users

Technical Specifications

* This terminal is under development and the information on this slide is subject to change over time.

** Max theoretical speed supported by the system assuming clear sky.

Connect with Oneweb LEO

iSAT Africa and Oneweb collaborate to build, flex and scale versatile and customer - focused enterprise solutions. Together we enable a fiber-like connectivity experience for everyone, everywhere.


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