Handy Mobile Charger

iSAT Africa’s handy mobile charger is a portable power station designed for personal use. With a solid handle for easy carrying and operation, this charger can power mobile phones, laptops, and camping lights. 

Equipped with two 5Vx2A USB outputs, it provides convenient charging capabilities for individuals on the go, whether they are camping, working remotely, or simply in need of a reliable power source.

Convenient Mobile Charging

This handy mobile charger serves as a portable power bank, allowing users to charge their mobile devices on the go. It provides a reliable and convenient solution for keeping devices powered during outdoor activities or while traveling.

Bright LED Lights with Multiple Modes

The charger features bright LED lights with three modes: steady, SOS, and strobe. These versatile lighting options provide illumination and serve as emergency signals in different situations.

Long-lasting Illumination

Once fully charged, the charger can provide continuous illumination for more than 24 hours, ensuring long-lasting and reliable lighting during outdoor activities or emergencies.

Durable and Reliable Construction

The charger is made of durable ABS material and features a leather shell, providing protection against rain, dirt, and shock or drops. This rugged construction ensures its durability and reliability in various outdoor environments.

Versatile Use

The handy mobile charger is suitable for a range of outdoor activities, including camping, biking, and traveling. Its convenient backpack hook allows users to easily attach it to their bags or backpacks, ensuring easy accessibility and portability.

The handy mobile charger is a versatile and reliable solution for mobile charging on the go. With its ability to serve as a battery pack or USB charger, it provides a convenient power source for mobile devices. The bright LED lights with multiple modes offer illumination and emergency signaling capabilities, enhancing safety during outdoor activities. 

Its durable ABS material and leather shell protect it from the elements, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions. Whether camping, biking, or traveling, this handy mobile charger ensures that users can stay connected and have access to reliable power whenever they need it. Its portable and self-charging capabilities make it an essential companion for those who require a reliable and convenient charging solution on their outdoor adventures. 


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