At iSAT Africa, we harness the unmatched capabilities of geostationary satellites to bridge communication gaps across the expansive African terrain. These satellites, positioned precisely over the equator, maintain a constant position relative to a specific point on Earth.

This unique orbital characteristic ensures consistent and high-quality signal coverage, making them indispensable for our advanced VSAT services. Operating across a multitude of platforms and frequencies, such as C band, KU band, and KA band, we are equipped to address a diverse array of communication needs. 

Our offerings range from the dedicated SCPC platform to the dynamic TDM/TDMA platforms. Whether you’re exploring solutions for Internet, VPN, Enterprise Applications, VOIP, Video Conferencing, Intranet, or Wide Area Network, trust in iSAT Africa’s robust VSAT Network to deliver secure, stable, and sophisticated connectivity solutions.

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IP Trunking

iSAT Africa provides Bandwidth on Demand services on VSAT to its subscribers. Our Bandwidth on Demand” (BoD) Platform extends high-speed internet access to ISPs and Corporates across sub- Saharan Africa on demand. BoD complements ISP’s existing fibre infrastructure.

Bandwidth On Demand

iSAT Africa provides Bandwidth on Demand services on VSAT to its subscribers. Our Bandwidth on Demand” (BoD) Platform extends high-speed internet access to ISPs and Corporates across sub- Saharan Africa on demand. BoD complements ISP’s existing fibre infrastructure.


Eutelsat KONNECT is a new-generation High Throughput Satellite (HTS) offering unprecedented operational flexibility. The innovative new satellite, delivering significant resources for broadband services across Africa, Eutelsat KONNECT sets a new benchmark for flexibility in High Throughput Satellites.The services are provisioned by Internet Gateway that include the Earth Stations, the baseband Equipment, the Networking Infrastructure and the Local Loop Fibre Connection.

ISAT will add its terrestrial network and all its POP’s in Europe, Africa and beyond, to support increase in internet traffic and different user applications like VPN.

This network is comprised of several PoP servers providing:

Each PoP node can support up to 20 Gbps. It balances and protects the user traffic accessing the Internet, allowing the most convenient paths to destination and, finally, supporting asymmetric traffic flows. To ensure highly reliable communications within the network, even in case of connectivity failure or traffic congestion, differentiated or protected links and redundant equipment were set up. All operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning activities are remotely performed through the Network Operation Centre (NOC) located in UAE and Kenya.

The future architecture of the Internet access service with KONNECT satellite is shown in the following figure:

Our Global Fiber Network

Current Network – Main Locations

Internet Transit for End-Users

In the intricate web of global internet connectivity, iSAT Africa plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless internet transit for its end-users. Key nodes, situated in Paris and the UK, serve as crucial junctions in this vast network. These strategic locations not only ensure optimal data routing and reduced latency but also provide robust redundancy and failover capabilities. By managing user data through these nodes, iSAT Africa is committed to delivering consistent and high-speed internet experiences, even as the global data demands continue to grow. Our investment in these prime network locations underscores our dedication in offering unparalleled service to our clientele and partners.

Customer premises Equipment (CPE)

The key elements of a typical End-User Domain are: The Outdoor Unit (Antenna and Transceiver), that grants access to the satellite interface. The Outdoor Unit may be in several sizes, as follows:

Service Access Platform

The Service Access Domain on SkiSAT is built on the Hughes Jupiter 2.5 technology. It allows the End-User premises to connect to the network.

The Hughes HT2000 modem adopts the most recent technology for modulation on Forward channel, i.e. DVB-S2X wideband forward channel, and was engineered for the highest possible capacity and efficiency with HTS Satellites. The channel access method is MF-TDMA.

The system is comprised of a modem, the PEP system (i.e., the Performance Enhancement Proxy, the IP routers, and the provisioning system (i.e., DHCP, LDAP and Radius servers).

The Terrestrial Transport Network for the current services was designed based on the Next Generation Network concepts, according to the ITU-T
Recommendation Y.2001 (12/2004), in order to:

The Network design was based on the principle of one single transport network (all over IP) and is aimed at delivering layer-3 IP services. The Network is built on a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) system, providing multi-protocol traffic carriage over the network, traffic engineering capabilities and VPN support in order to isolate and prioritize traffic across different entities. A map of the Network topology appears in Figure below

User Interface

The user interface is composed of four different menus, which allow access to different information and functionalities, and to the content displayed within the main body of each page. The figure below introduces a sample of OSS Customer Portal page, while the following table presents the main elements of the page.

Satellite Coverage

We connect users from the remotest locations to the most densely populated via our leading orbital positions and innovative solutions.

iSAT Africa: Empowering the Continent with Superior Connectivity

At iSAT Africa, our vision is not just about providing connectivity; it’s about empowering the African continent with transformative solutions that bridge gaps, foster growth, and pave the way for a brighter digital future.

Why Choose iSAT Africa’s GEO Services?

Be Part of Africa’s Digital Revolution

Partner with iSAT Africa and play an active role in the continent’s digital transformation. Immerse yourself in the expansive capabilities of GEO communication satellite services that transcend boundaries, uniting Africa with the global community and vice versa. It’s time to redefine what connectivity means for Africa.

Ready to elevate your connectivity game? Reach out to iSAT Africa today and let’s explore the horizons of what our GEO services can achieve for you. Together, we can propel your communications to unparalleled altitudes!


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