In the vibrant realm of media and broadcasting, content is king. But what complements this reign is its seamless, unfettered flow. 

At iSAT Africa, we understand this intricate dance. By tapping into our sprawling African network—a robust blend of fiber, satellite, microwave, and internet pathways—we guarantee a transmission journey that’s as smooth as it’s efficient. 

From the bustling heart of studios to the eager screens of distribution, content moves with unparalleled fluidity, preserving the sanctity of your SLAs.

Satellite Operator Partnerships

In alliance with industry giants, we channel signals with precision, ensuring your content’s reach is expansive and uninterrupted.

An Ecosystem Like No Other

At the heart of our contribution is an ecosystem meticulously curated for excellence. It’s more than just infrastructure; it’s a statement of our commitment.

Teleport Excellence

Ensure rapid, reliable transmissions, bridging distances and minimizing latency.

STB Distribution

A crucial cog in the broadcasting wheel, our Set-Top Box distribution mechanism ensures audiences receive content in its richest form.

Harmony In Diversity

Our platform isn’t just about size; it’s about synergy. Multiple operators find a home within our system, each coexisting and collaborating, reinforcing our ethos of flexibility and adaptability.


iSAT Africa isn’t just part of the broadcasting journey; we’re redefining it. Our continuous innovation fuses the best of technology and service, crafting a content delivery mechanism that not only elevates quality standards but reimagines operational ease.

Your Content. Our Commitment. Africa's Transformation.

Step into the future of content contribution with iSAT Africa. Let’s together script a tale where every frame, every byte, and every signal speaks of excellence and passion.

Our approach beautifully integrates DTH, contribution, OTT, and even occasional use, creating a seamless broadcasting mosaic that caters to diverse needs, yet remains unified in purpose.


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Our Locations

iSAT Africa – Tanzania Office – Amani Place, 7th floor, Opposite Serena Hotel, PO Box 38568 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

iSAT Africa Ltd FZC 
105, Building 10, P.O. Box 500459, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE

iSAT Africa Kenya Ltd.,  Karen Green, Block B, 3rd Floor, Langata Road, Nairobi, Kenya

iSAT Africa Zambia Ltd. P. O. Box 30248, 7th Floor, Godfrey House, Corner Kabelenga and Longolongo Roads, Lusaka, Zambia