iSAT Covid-19 Preparedness and a Robust BCP Implementation 2020

COVID 19 continues to bring untold suffering to the world economies and has in one way or the other affected each one of us. While the whole world is actively involved in the campaign to stop further spread, the iSAT AFRICA family stands with the world and has joined in the global fight against this pandemic by ensuring that its staff members practice basic hygiene while also maintaining the required social distance as advised by the local medical authorities and the World Health Organization.

In a bid to ensure that the situation is kept on red alert within the company and as part of implementing iSAT’s robust BCP, a Covid 19 Committee was set up to constantly monitor and evaluate the situation(s) as they arise to ensure that staff members were kept safe and that customer / partner services were not negatively impacted. A 4 tier escalation ladder was quickly put in place to ensure staff safety and adherence to always having on personal protective gear, restrictions on business travel, implementation of discretionary work from home and limiting of in-office meetings.

In addition, iSAT quickly launched its Covid 19 website that avails useful Covid 19 information and gives both customers and partners an interactive tool. We have fully embraced online collaboration tools for improved productivity and are happy to note that we hold a bi weekly “Staff Virtual Café Sessions” where staff members who are unable to physically meet at the moment get a chance to interact and have some form of human semblance. We are also happy and grateful that so far, none of our staff members across our regions of operations have been affected and continue looking forward to a return of our “normal”.


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