iSAT Africa - Harmonic

Harmonic Inc. (Nasdaq: HLIT) offers a comprehensive, innovative and market-leading portfolio of video infrastructure solutions, spanning content production to multi-screen video delivery. Harmonic helps its customers to efficiently create, prepare and deliver differentiated video services over broadcast, cable, Internet, mobile, satellite and telecom networks, while simplifying end-to-end asset management, reducing costs and streamlining workflows. The Company's customers, which include the top 20 Fortune 2000 media companies, choose Harmonic to enable their high quality video services in virtually every country.

Harmonic is a Cable, satellite (DBS), telecom, Internet and mobile service providers that deliver video programming are engaged in intensifying competition to offer a more extensive, personalized and compelling video experience to viewers. At the same time, broadcasters, media content owners and aggregators are increasingly seeking new ways to streamline their workflows and engage in new business models for distributing their content.
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