iSAT Africa - Satellite Virtual Network

iSAT Virtual Network Operator

The Satellite Virtual Network Operator (SVNO) is a unique iSAT service for VSAT Operators. Our VNO program gives you the freedom to operate your own VSAT network without the cost of buying the VSAT hub infrastructure. VNOs have exclusive access to non-pre-emptible space segment on premier satellites, NMS servers and protocol processors. This dedicated space and equipment would piggy-back on the infrastructure (teleport, data center and satellite hubs) invested operated and managed by iSAT Africa hence you can offer highly competitive broadband IP service anywhere, without a significant upfront investment.

With the iSAT VNO program, you maintain control of your customer base by providing direct billing and Tier 1 & 2 customer support. iSAT will give you access to all the tools necessary to deliver Solutions, provide support for your end customers


Benefits of iSAT VNO Service:

  • No need to invest in costly HUB and Infrastructure.
  • Commission, Manage, Monitor and Control your own remote sites
  • Commit to bandwidth and capacity what you need and expand whenever required
  • Insure your network traffic is 100% physically separated
  • Design your network to fully support your desired business model
  • Provide custom QoS service levels
  • Determine speeds, network performance and rate plans as you see fit.
  • Support applications like VoIP, video and Private Networks
  • Take advantage of VSAT Systems negotiated rates for large volumes
  • Easily expand your service capacity as you build customer demand

What else you need for VNO

Opportunities for the VSAT operators

iSAT VNO Program offer opportunities for the VSAT operators without assuming the risk, or the upfront investment of deploying a separate VSAT HUB. since a VNO can start with as little as a single line card, you have been extended the ability to deploy exactly the satellite bandwidth for your initial business case, with the flexibility to expand as much as the markets demand. The VNO model provides you all the tools and functionality to develop niche opportunities and deliver service levels catering to precise customer needs.