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GSM Backhaul for Telecoms

GSM backhaul solution over satellite

Ever expanding requirement for communication needs to each remote corner of the Globe finding the terrestrial infrastructure very limited to suffice the requirement to connect GSM networks. GSM operators are reaching saturation in urban areas have to expand their network in the rural areas for future growth. According to the study the next wave of subscriber growth will come from rural areas and the major challenge to serve those areas is one i.e. either the non-availability of infrastructure or very limited infrastructure.

GSM backhaul solution over satellite which is independent of terrestrial infrastructure and has the capability to overcome any issues related to terrain can easily provide GSM Operators the required reach and expansion to the remotest areas. The solution is also ideal as the backup for terrestrial infrastructure.

iSAT comprehensive point to point GSM Backhaul solution uses latest compression technologies to optimize the satellite space segment overcoming the high transmission cost over satellite. iSAT GSM solutions can be used between remote base transceiver stations and base station controllers, or between controllers and mobile switching centres. iSAT offer the SCPC/SCPC and also SCPC/DVB solutions.
The following diagram depicts the major components and subsystems in a typical GSM cellular network.


Key Features of iSAT GSM Backhaul Solution:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Flexible and Scalable Solutions
  • Cost effective and profitable for Telcos to expand in new areas
  • Available everywhere in the GSM network

Network Diagrams
For SCPC/SCPC diagram Click Here
For TDM/MF SCPC diagram Click Here